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This isn’t your ordinary craft site. At Lazy Crafting I try to find quicker and easier ways to make the things you love. I have tutorials and fun and easy craft projects. I also have information about mindset, intention, finding time to craft, and getting organized. 

Maybe you struggle with space and maybe you struggle with time (two of the most common struggles when it comes to crafting). Maybe you need help with organizing and planning. Whatever your lazy crafting needs, I hope you can find it here. And if you can’t, please email me at I am here to help you.

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more thanksgiving place cards

More Thanksgiving Place Cards

Thanksgiving 2020. What a year it’s been. Our traditions may not look the same this year, but we can still celebrate and take time to be grateful. Sometimes little touches can dress up a celebration. Check out the end of this post for Free Thanksgiving Place Cards that you can simply print and cut. I have always loved Thanksgiving because it’s a holiday all about food and gratitude. This year we’ll be doing a very small Thanksgiving with just my…

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Halloween Flags

Halloween is next week, so I guess this lazy crafter better get some decorations up. First off, I’m updating my Decorative Ladders with some Halloween flags. But also I want to add a new decoration. I decided to create a Halloween flag that can hang below our mailbox ( you can hang yours anywhere!) Check out my four free cut files at the end of this post! I guess I should admit right now that I’m not the biggest fan…

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DIY Beaded Pumpkin

This DIY Beaded Pumpkin has saved me more than once when I needed a quick, fun craft. It’s cute, simple and can be done by large groups, making it a perfect Halloween party craft. I signed up (again) to be the Room Parent for Middle’s classroom (because I can’t say no.) At her school, Room Parent means organizing the 3 classroom parties: Halloween, Winter, and Valentine’s Day. A great classroom party included some games, a craft or two, and snacks…

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Easy Scrap Fabric Wreath

I have never made a wreath before, but I keep seeing beautiful wreaths on various craft pages. I am ready to try one, but this is Lazy Crafting, so it has to be simple and able to be made with supplies already on hand. Final verdict: Scrap Fabric Wreath. This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience (which means if you make a purchase after clicking a link I will earn a small commission but it won’t cost you…

pumpkin green bow
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Toilet Paper Tube Pumpkin

Pumpkins are a classic fall image and good for any fall decorating. I wanted to try to find a quick and easy way to create a pumpkin for my fall decor and Thanksgiving table. Say hello to the Toilet Paper Tube Pumpkin. In order to keep it lazy, we’re using simple craft materials. This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience (which means if you make a purchase after clicking a link I will earn a small commission but…

leap day countdown calendar

Leap Day Countdown Calendar

It only happens once every 4 years (and sometimes, once every 8 years)! To keep the excitement going all month, create a Leap Day Tear-Off Countdown Calendar! (Free file at the bottom of this post.) Little, my youngest child, was born on Leap Day. Let me tell you, I knew very little about the day until she came along. Did you know that according to, about 4.1 million people around the world have been born on Feb. 29? Or…