hockey bag tagsWhen you’re short on time, these quick and easy bag tags make cute, fun gifts. They’re good for any season, but especially for the holiday season. (Free file at the end of this post!)

Each year, my list grows longer. And this year, we decided to make a gift for all the girls on the ice hockey team.

Since all 3 of my girls play…on 3 different divisions… that’s a lot of gifts. We need to make it cute and budget-friendly. Oh, and the holiday party is tonight, so it needs to be quick, too. (Lazy Crafting also means last-minute crafting.)

As hockey players, the girls all have big hockey bags with their equipment. Not only can it be a challenge in the locker room to know which bag belongs to whom, but even at home we’ve gotten bags mixed up.

Solution? Bag tags! But since the party is very soon, it has to be quick and inexpensive, because we need approximately 50 tags. (Free files at the end of this post!)

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supplies for bag tagsBag Tag Supplies

Create a Design

The best solution I can come up with for quick bag tags is laminated cardstock.

mermaid theme patterned paperFirst, you need to create a design. There are a few options for this. The Lazy Crafting way is to buy patterned paper at the craft store and cut it up for tags. I found this in a 12×12 pad at JOANN Fabric & Craft Stores. All you have to do is cut the designs apart.

However, if you want a customized design, like I do for the hockey team, you will need to use a design program like Canva, Word, Google Docs, Silhouette Design Studio, Cricut Design Space, and more.

luggage or bag tag templateThe free template file at the end of this post is for a 2.5in x 4 in. bag tag. The template includes SVG, PDF, and JPEG files. You can open the JPEG file in Word or Google Docs and then insert clipart or text onto the template. You could print the PDF onto patterned paper and cut, or you could print the PDF on plain cardstock and draw or use stickers to embellish it before you laminate it.

Copyright Laws

Before I plan to use the team logo, I need to understand copyright laws. Without going into boring detail: it is illegal to use copyright images whether you make money from the product or not. You legally cannot use any copyright logo or image without express (written) consent.

lady liberty teams

The team logo appears in the upper left corner of this team image. It’s a great logo, but I do not have permission to use the team logo. Is there a workaround? Sure, there is. You can use the team name without the logo, or you could buy or create a sports-related image. If you really want the logo, you can contact the organization and ask for permission to use the logo, but make sure you follow whatever rules they tell you (and ideally get it in writing).

hockey bag tag designIn lieu of using the team logo, I’m going to use the team name along with an element of the logo – in this case, stars.

The beautiful thing about bag tags is that they are flexible. The size I used was 2.5in x 4 in. (Free template at the end of this post.) You can create a bigger or smaller tag depending on what type of bag (hockey bag, backpack, suitcase, etc.)

Cut the Design

If you have a cutting machine, you can cut your design. If not, you can use scissors or a paper cutter.

My Silhouette Cameo 3 has a Repeat Job button on the machine. That means I can print as many tags as I need and send the cut job to the Cameo one time. Then I can use the Repeat Job button to cut more tags without having to send each job from Design Studio to the cutting machine.

Laminate the Design

Once your bag tag design is printed and cut, it’s time to protect it and give it a little durability. A laminator will be ideal for this. I happen to love laminating things, so I bought this little laminator at Costco many years ago. Mine is exactly this one (except mine is purple). I use these laminating sheets.

If you don’t have a laminator – don’t fret! You can still do this project. You’re going to use clear packing tape. Trust me, it works. It isn’t as smooth and finished as a laminator, but that’s ok. You’re still going to end up with a great bag tag.

I once “laminated” a foam core poster for Girl Scout camping with clear packing tape. 4 years later, it’s still holding up great (and that includes a camping trip in the rain).

If you laminated, use your scissors to cut the pieces apart and trim excess edges. Remember that you have to leave some clear edging or your tag will fall apart.

I love rounded corners. I have a rounded corner punch from many years ago. This one is similar but has 3 different options of rounding. I used mine to round the corners of each tag.

Finish the Bag Tag

To finish off the bag tags, use your hole punch to create a spot for the key ring.

Thread your key ring.

hockey bag tags

To give it a cute, finished look, tie a couple of ribbons around the hole.

backpack tagsVoila! You have quick and easy bag tags that will dress up any bag or can be used to identify your bag among many that look alike.

Happy (lazy) crafting!

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