I love birthdays. I mean, I REALLY love birthdays. I was the kid who started reminding you 6 months out that my birthday was coming.

What could be better than a whole day dedicated to enveloping you in love and celebration?

Plus cake.

birthday cake with slice cut out

We were out at dinner a few weeks ago and the tables near us held a big group of people celebrating a friend’s 50th birthday. As they sang to her and she blushed, I was struck by the love and warmth this person was surrounded by. It was so beautiful to watch. It completely reaffirmed my love of birthdays.

Once I had my own kids, I stopped focusing on my birthday (a little.) Instead, I turned my creative energy into my kids’ birthdays. Sole Man says I enjoy it more than they do, and he’s probably right (but don’t tell him I said that).

birthday cake with balloons and bannerI love it all: picking a theme, creating pieces that will make it fun, eating cake, making goodies to giveaway. Did I mention eating cake?

I think those little touches make everyone feel special. Especially the cake. Take Middle’s birthday. She picked an ice skating party. For her goodies, we decided to do a gift mug. We filled the mug with hot chocolate packets and scarves. Middle helped make the scarves. (When the birthday kid gets to help, it just spreads the birthday love. Plus they have a vested interest and I have ammunition to prove to Sole Man that they like it as much as I do.) I think it is the little touches that people remember.

For example, when I was growing up, my Girl Scout leader Jackie, who is incredibly creative, made these amazing stenciled pillowcases for sleepovers. All the guests signed it. I was desperate to have a sleepover party mostly because I wanted one of those pillowcases. I can’t remember much about the party, but I absolutely have that pillowcase today. I still love it.

That’s the beauty of creativity. It matters. It brings joy. I hope the next birthday celebration in your life brings joy to everyone who is celebrating.

Happy (lazy) crafting!

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