portable craft storageCrafting is even more fun when you can store your supplies in a portable craft organizer. Here are 10 of my favorite options to organize your craft supplies. Several of these craft organizers can be created from things you already have at home

If you are shopping for a new portable craft organizer, look for coupons. Most stores have coupons and sales regularly. I strongly encourage you to “shop” your house first. You might be surprised by the hidden gems you already own.

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1. Any Box or Bag

Seriously, you can use any bag or box you already own. I have a whole box full of free string backpacks and reusable shopping bags (many of them free). Some of them are flimsy, but they are still great for notebooks, writing utensils, and rulers.

If you need to organize items that don’t store flat, insert part of a box into a reusable shopping bag. This gives your bag a little more structure but still give you easy carrying.

2. Shoebox

shoebox organizerA simple shoebox make a perfect craft organizer. Add in some recycled materials like aluminum cans to contain writing materials and it’s a perfect, portable solution. If you need to store items like paper or notebooks that are larger than the shoebox, that’s where the combination of the bag and box comes in handy.

3. Canvas Toteportable craft organizer canvas bag

This canvas tote came from Harbor Freight. It’s a tool organizer, but it works perfectly as a craft organizer. Add some embellishment with heat transfer vinyl (HTV) and/or paint pens, and it’s a cute and personalized tote.

4. Plastic Dollar Tree Toteportable craft organizer tote

This is another item that I’ve had around the house for years. We’ve used it for different things over the years, but we keep coming back to organizing craft supplies with it.

The handle makes it easily portable and the different-sized baskets keep supplies neatly organized.

Dollar Tree has lots of great storage solutions that can be used for craft supplies.

5. Basket

portable craft organizer basket

Many years ago we received a fruit basket. The basket is perfect to re-purpose as a craft organizer.

6. Organizer Tote

portable craft organizer bagI purchased this organizer at Michaels with a coupon. It’s perfect for keeping things organized in different pockets and it’s easy to carry.

7. Rolling cartrolling cart

There are so many rolling carts available these days. I bought mine from IKEA, but Michael’s also has one, plus they have cart topper.  Target also has a 3-tier cart.

8. Plastic Container

I have some shelves in my craft room. To keep things organized there, I use plastic boxes. I love this Sterilite Container. I have several that house my paints, fabrics, and other craft supplies. I also keep my sewing stuff in this Sterilite 2-Layer Organizer.

9. Backpackportable craft organizer backpack

You can also find this backpack at Amazon. I bought this and used heat transfer vinyl (HTV)  to put my blog logo on it. It’s perfect for papers, notebooks, books, markers, pencils, and colored pencils.

10. Rolling Tote

I bought this tote years ago with a Joann coupon. It’s ideal for when I need to craft somewhere besides home. It’s also helpful for carting supplies for big projects like Girl Scout meeting crafts.

I hope these help you get some new ideas for portable craft organizers. Please share your feedback with me at hello@lazycrafting.com.

Happy (lazy) crafting!

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