Craft Space pinEvery crafter needs craft space. What if you don’t have a craft room? What if you have a room, but it’s too messy to use? Don’t worry!  You can easily create a craft space with a bag or box and a few key supplies!

In order to create craft space, you first have to gather supplies. Read my Top 5 Everyday Items You Can Use to Start Crafting Right Now. If you’re just getting started, the Top 5 basic craft supplies are all you really need.

If you’re feeling ambitious, you can also read my 7 Craft Supplies You Need to Expand Your Crafting.

Gather your supplies in one place. Now, we’re going to Create a Craft Space.

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Find a Container

portable craft organizer bagFirst, you need a container to keep your supplies. It can be anything portable: bag, plastic box, shoebox, etc. (If you are looking to purchase a portable craft organizer, check out this post for ideas.)

Clearly label your container so no one else commandeers it (e.g. your kids).

Designate a Space

Next, designate the space you will craft. Maybe it’s the dining table (ideally once the meal is done, otherwise things could get messy).

Maybe you will craft on a desk.

Maybe it’s on a TV table so you can watch TV and craft.

Maybe it’s even the floor.

All of those solutions work. Pick something that works best for you. Ideally, you want a flat space that is at least 12 inches by 12 inches.

Keep in mind that crafting will produce a little bit of mess, so make sure your space can handle that. For example, you probably don’t want to craft on your white chaise longue. (I have always wanted to use that in a sentence.)

Protect Your Space

You want to protect your space. Ideally, your craft bag or box should include a work mat.

A work mat can be anything from the plastic kind you buy at a craft store to a piece of cardboard or foam core to some old newspapers or magazines.

Note: Foam core makes a great craft mat, but it comes in large sizes. Ideally, you should cut a size of 12×12 inches or 13×13 inches so it will be portable. If you save your original piece, then you can cut several mats out of it and when one gets ruined, you have a backup.

Craft! (And Evaluate)

person doing paper craftCongratulations! You created your Craft Space. Now give it a test run.

Pull out your portable organizer and do a simple craft like this or this.

As you work, think about how well everything is working for you.

  • Is your space big enough?
  • Is your organizer working for you?
  • Do you have the supplies you need?
  • Are they easy to use and keep organized?
  • Is it fun? (When it feels fun, you are more likely to keep using it.)

As you answer these questions, make notes about what supplies you may need to gather or ways you can tweak your space to make it work better for you.

Care for Your Supplies

craft suppliesNow that your Craft Space is ready, you need to care for it. It’s easy to get busy with a craft and then race off to the next thing without cleaning up and evaluating.

We often don’t want to take the time to clean up and evaluate, but it is a valuable step. It is also important to establish good habits. (And it’s never too late to get into good craft habits.)

Good craft habits include:

  • Put everything away when you are done crafting.
  • Replace your supplies when they run low or if something breaks.
  • Keep a shopping list handy with your supplies and make notes as you run low on supplies or as you think of new crafts that need items you don’t already own.

When you keep your craft supplies organized, you know what you have and where to find it. You also reduce overspending on supplies you already own and can choose crafts based on the supplies you have.

With good craft habits, the next time you open your organizer and start to craft, you won’t get stalled by a missing or broken supply and you can spend your time crafting!

I hope this helps you Create a Space to craft. If so, please share your feedback with me at

Happy (lazy) crafting!

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