scrap fabric wreath pin imageI have never made a wreath before, but I keep seeing beautiful wreaths on various craft pages. I am ready to try one, but this is Lazy Crafting, so it has to be simple and able to be made with supplies already on hand. Final verdict: Scrap Fabric Wreath.

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Scrap Fabric Wreath Supplies

scrap fabric wreath supplies

I happened to have a green foam wreath form in my craft room to use. If you don’t have one, this one at Joann is a good price. The Dollar Store also has wreath forms.

If you don’t have a wreath form, you can create a circle out of cardboard. It won’t provide the same depth as a form, but it will work. My form had a 10″ diameter. You can make any size you wish, but the average wreath form ranges from 8″ to 16″.

Next, I found some scrap fabric. You guys know that I don’t throw out anything, so I dug through my scrap fabric bin and found a shirt that was my grandmother’s and my favorite old pair of pajama pants (that ripped years ago, but I couldn’t get rid of). The two fabrics had shades of pink and blue and green.

Prepare the Fabric

scrap fabric wreath rip fabricI ripped the fabric into strips. We’re lazy crafting here, so I didn’t measure. I just ripped one strip and made sure it would tie a knot around the wreath form. Then I ripped the rest to be about the same length.

The beautiful thing about most fabric is that it will rip easily. Pay attention to the grain of the fabric. It will rip easier with the grain, rather than against it. (If you’re not sure, gently stretch the fabric, with the grain will stretch more easily.)

If you’re having trouble, use scissors to make a starter cut – sort of like Hulk Hogan when he would rip his shirts off during World Wide Wrestling matches.

Tie Fabric Strips

scrap fabric wreath tie fabric

To tie the fabric around the wreath, simply lay a piece of fabric under the wreath. Then bring both ends up and tie a knot.

I played around with my fabric strips to figure out what would look best. I decided on 3 pink strips for every blue and green strip.

scrap fabric wreath fabric pattern

Continue tying strips until you have covered your wreath form. You can bunch them up or space them apart, depending on how much fabric and patience you have.

Trim and Fluff

Once you have filled the wreath form, fluff the fabric pieces. Mine looks a little bit like a lion’s mane (and my kids took turns holding it and roaring).

scrap fabric wreath fluffing

As you are fluffing, you may find some piece longer than others. This is a good time to trim the ends so that the overall look is uniform.

scrap fabric wreath trimming


Now that your scrap fabric wreath is done, you can embellish it. I originally created this for Leap Day.scrap fabric wreath with wordsI used glue dots and crafter’s tape to secure letters to my wreath. This way, after Leap Day, I was able to take the letters off. I plan to keep the wreath up for spring. Maybe I’ll put some paper flowers and butterflies on it.scrap fabric wreath on doorIf you make a Scrap Fabric Wreath, I would love to know. Please email me at and send me a picture so I can include in on the blog.

Happy (lazy) crafting!

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