Gratitude Turkey CraftThere are a lot of challenges in the world today. 2020 has been unlike any year I’ve ever experienced. Gratitude is more important than ever and I’ve created a Gratitude Turkey to help you get into the practice – FREE file at the end of this post!

This Thanksgiving Gratitude Turkey is simply to use. It’s a basic craft that requires a little cutting and glue.

I know I’ve talked about gratitude many times, but that’s because it really is that important. Gratitude has the power to change you.

It would be so easy to throw in the towel and complain and grump about what a challenge this year has been. But that wouldn’t help. What could possibly help, you ask. It’s actually really simple and it’s been scientifically proven.


I’ve talked about gratitude many times, and this year, if you haven’t get gotten into the practice or if you’ve gotten a little rusty, maybe this Gratitude Turkey will help.

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gratitude makes what we have enough

If you type gratitude into Google, you get a bunch of results about how gratitude changes your brain and how gratitude makes you happier. Now, more than ever in my lifetime, gratitude is essential to not just surviving, but to finding happiness and joy in life.

There’s a lot of negativity in the world. It’s easy to feel crushed by it all. And that’s exactly why you have to make the effort and practice gratitude.

This article talks about the effect of gratitude on health including quality sleep and possibly even reducing depressive symptoms.

Practicing Gratitude

If you aren’t in the habit of practicing gratitude, any season a perfect season to begin but I think most people think about Thanksgiving – because it’s literally called thanks giving.

You may have seen online challenges where people share something they are grateful for each day in November.

That is all great and wonderful, but you don’t even need something that formal. Gratitude can be as simple as thinking of 3 things you are grateful for at the beginning or end or each day. Or in the middle of the day. Or while driving. I think you get the idea.

It is particularly helpful to use gratitude when you’re feeling down in the dumps. It won’t flip your situation around, but it might help give you a little perspective like it did for me.

Gratitude Turkey

This craft is simple but can have a big impact. The idea is to place it on your Thanksgiving table or in your kitchen. If you keep a stack of feathers next to the turkey along with a pen or other writing utensil, then people can write on their feather and stick it into the turkey.

Gratitude Turkey Craft piecesFirst, print the turkey and feathers. Next, cut around the outline of each item.

Gratitude Turkey Craft gluing piecesNow glue the front of the turkey to the back. This step is important, only put glue on the bottom section and along the edges of the turkey’s back. Leave the top part open – this is where you will put the gratitude feathers.

Gratitude Turkey Craft finishing

While the turkey is drying, you can print and cut as many feathers as you want. This turkey will comfortably hold a dozen feathers. If you have more than that, you might want to make more than one gratitude turkey.

Gratitude Turkey CraftFind a good home for your Gratitude Turkey. The Thanksgiving table is where mine will be. That way everyone can write on a feather or two and I plan to have everyone read them at our Thanksgiving meal.

I hope this turkey can help you and your family get into the practice of gratitude. It really will make a difference.

Happy (lazy) gratitude!

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Gratitude Turkey Craft

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