halloween party decor pin imageDid I mention that I am the head parent for my daughter’s class? That means I am in charge of planning the holiday parties. Like Halloween. Good thing I didn’t wait until the last minute. I still have 2 days!

Luckily I have 2 other moms helping, otherwise this party would be very sad. We had a planning meeting weeks ago and I agreed to come up with one craft and decorations. (Except I forgot about the decorations until very recently. Read: today.)

I need some decorations and I need them fast!

I don’t need too much because there isn’t a lot of time to decorate in the classroom before the party (and also because I’m lazy and what goes up must come down. So let’s keep it simple.)

Here’s a great Lazy Crafting trick – take something you already have, like Halloween Flags, and re-purpose pieces of them as wall decorations and hanging decorations.

You don’t even need a cutting machine for most of these decorations. Check out the end of this post for the free files.

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The decorations we are making today are:

  • Happy Halloween Banner
  • Pumpkin Table Topper
  • No Tricks Only Treats poster
  • Witch Ceiling Hanger
  • Chandelier

Happy Halloween Banner

halloween bannerThis banner is a simple print and cut. Your best results will be to print on a heavy weight paper (80lb or heavier.) Print it on the white cardstock and cut out each one. It’s a little bit of cutting, but pop on your favorite show and cut away. Use a hole punch to put two holes in the top of each piece (I put mine just inside the orange border in the corners.) String them all on a piece or yarn, string, or twine. Happy Halloween!

Table Decoration

halloween pumpkin table stand

This pumpkin stand would be hard to do without a cutting machine. You can, if you have an Exacto knife and some patience. I have one, but not the other. Can you guess which? You could also cut just the outline and still make it work.

halloween pumpkin table standAfter cutting, I folded along the perforation. Then I used pipe cleaner to hold the two sides together. Green pipe cleaner makes it look like a stem.

Wall and Ceiling Hangings

halloween no tricks signOur No Tricks design will make a fine poster or wall hanging.

witch on broom with cat hanging decorationThis witch on a broom is a little flimsy. You could probably make it work with heavier paper. I’m bringing her to the party, but we’ll see if she makes it up or not.


halloween chandelier frontI think my favorite item today is this chandelier. It would be challenging to do without a cutting machine because there is a lot of fine cutting.

To make the chandelier, cut 4 sets of the design on any color. (I want to try glitter cardstock next time.)

Fold along the perforation.

halloween chandelier mod podge

I love guacamole. What does that have to do with Halloween decorations? I save almost everything and some of those things I save are the containers from my individual servings of guacamole. They are so handy for Mod Podge. I pour some into the container and it’s easier to use my brush, especially when the Mod Podge gets low and you have to reach way into the bottle.

halloween chandelier mod podgeSpread the Mod Podge over one half of a chandelier. Stick another half to it. Keep going until all four sets are glued together.

Once dry, feed string or fishing twine through the hole in the top to hang it.

halloween chandelier sideI also cut some bats out for a string banner. Or you can add them to the chandelier. I used fishing twine, so it looks like they are floating. I love how it turned out! I think glitter cardstock would be even cuter!

If you make any of these Halloween decorations, please share a photo or video of it with me by emailing me at hello@lazycrafting.com.

Happy (lazy) crafting!

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