marker storage main imageAs I continue my never-ending quest for organization, I decided that I needed better marker storage to keep all my writing utensils close at hand. In keeping with my hoarder collector persona, I have plenty of pencils, pens, markers, and more. My current two desktop holders, a mug and an old mesh container, are overflowing (and a little outdated.) I need something better.

Being the lazy crafter that I am, I apply that laziness to my household abilities. I subscribe to The Grove, a flexible recurring shipment service, that helps to make sure we never run out of household goods like toilet paper and laundry soap. Plus they have vitamins, cleaners, and more.

I’m not sorry. I love anything that supports my laziness.

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When I subscribed to the Grove for my household goods and I received this lovely cleaning caddy as a gift. If you have any interest visit this link to get a Free Mrs. Meyers and Grove set (which includes a cleaning caddy.)

caddy with flowersBack to our marker storage. I love my caddy. It’s so pretty. It will make a perfect container for marker storage.

maker storage suppliesMarker Storage Supplies

  • Container (I’m using a cleaning caddy from the Grove)
  • Foam core (I bought a sheet at Dollar Tree)
  • Scissors or craft knife
  • Tape measure or ruler

Measure Your Container

measure lengthFirst, use your tape measure or ruler to measure your container.measure width You need the length, width, and depth. While you are measuring, you need to decide if you want your divider to be as tall as your container or if you want it to be a little shorter.

It will depend on what you want to store in each space. Taller markers and pencils will be fine with taller dividers. If you have smaller items, consider making your divider smaller otherwise it will be hard to take things out when you need them. measure depthThe tricky part with our caddy is that the bottom is more narrow than the top. We need to take measurements of the bottom of the caddy too.

Depending on the size of your container, you might need more than one piece for the length and more than one piece for the width. For my caddy I’m creating 6 spaces or openings for markers (or pens, scissors, etc.) I need 3 pieces of foam core, 1 long piece for the length and 2 short pieces for the width.

Make Your Cut Marks

measure and mark length

I’m sure you’ve heard the old adage, measure twice, cut once. That’s a good rule no matter what project you are doing. I often get into a hurry and that’s when I make mistakes.

measure and mark width

Luckily our foam core is only $1, but we still don’t want to waste it.

You can see that I am using a leftover piece that has been hacked at for other projects. It still has plenty for this project.

Cut the Foam Core

cut foam coreUsing scissors to cut foam core can be tricky. Make sure you have thick, sturdy scissors. If not, I recommend using a craft knife. If you use a craft knife, make sure you have something underneath to protect your surface you you will end up with cut marks on your table, even if you’re being careful. (Ask me how I know.)

cut foam coreYour cuts don’t need to be precise, but longer cuts on foam core are more challenging with scissors.

measure tapering width If your container is tapered, like my caddy, use your ruler to make new marks on one end so you can create a taper.

cut taper

Cut from your mark to the corner. Your cutting doesn’t need to be precise on this project, just close enough to make it fit.

cut taper

Test your pieces to make sure they fit. If your foam core is too wide, you will have to jam it into your container. It’s better to cut it a tiny bit smaller.

Cut Notches

Now that we have our divider pieces, we need to fit them together. To do this, we are cutting notches. measure notches

I want mine evenly spaced, so I made two marks on my length and one on my width.

measure notches for width

Use your tape measure or ruler to mark where your notches should be.

Make sure you mark on the correct side. Since our container is tapered, one side is wider than the other. When you mark your notches, mark the length to cut from the top and the width to cut from the bottom.

cut notches

Then cut those notches. Note that we aren’t cutting all the way through the width of our foam core. On one piece you will leave about 25% of it for sturdiness. on the other piece, you will only cut about 25% to fit it onto your first piece.

cut notches

Also note that I am calling them notches because we are cutting out small part of the foam core.

cut notches

Taking out a little sliver of foam core is important.

cut notches

Foam core is thick, so it will only nest if we remove this little chunk.

Put It Together

put divider together

Now it’s the fun part! We get to put our divider together (and see if we made our cuts and notches right.)

put divider together

To do this, slide your pieces together fitting your notches into each other.

completed divider

If we made our cuts right, it should look like this.

divider in container

Fit the whole thing into your container.

finished container


fill your container

Now you get to fill it with markers, pens, pencils, etc.

marker storage caddy

If you create marker storage, please share a photo or video of it with me by emailing me at

Happy (lazy) crafting!

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