toilet paper tube pumpkin pinPumpkins are a classic fall image and good for any fall decorating. I wanted to try to find a quick and easy way to create a pumpkin for my fall decor and Thanksgiving table.

Say hello to the Toilet Paper Tube Pumpkin. In order to keep it lazy, we’re using simple craft materials.

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Toilet Paper Tube Pumpkin Supplies

Note: I found everything I needed at Dollar Tree for less than $6!

pumpkin supplies

Cut Strips

First, cut a piece of construction paper that will cover our toilet paper tube. Being the lazy crafter that I am, I didn’t measure. I just rolled a piece of paper around the tube and marked it with a pencil and then cut it.

Next, cut strips of orange construction paper. The beauty of this project is that the strips do not need to be uniform. You don’t need to measure or be precise. I used a paper cutter, but scissors will work just fine. My strips ended up being around 1 inch wide (some wider, some thinner.) You want at least 8 strips of orange construction paper. I actually used 16 for my pumpkin.

pumpkin draw circles

Last, trace the toilet paper tube end onto construction paper. You will need two circles. Once traced, cut them a little bit wider than the circle you traced.

pumpkin cut circles

These will cover the ends of our toilet paper tubes. Because the tubes are so thin, the pieces need to be a bit wider in order to stick.

Cover the Tube

First, cover the toilet paper tube with construction paper.

pumpkin glue tube

Put glue all over the paper.

pumpkin glue tube

Roll the paper around the tube. Put extra glue at the end to seal it.

pumpkin glue circles

Next, put glue on one end of the toilet paper tube.

pumpkin glue circles

Glue the circle onto the end of the tube. Repeat for the other side.

Glue Strips (Method #1)

pumpkin glue strips

Now it is time to glue the strips onto the tube.

pumpkin glue strips

I glued 2 strips at a time gluing them across from each other.

pumpkin glue strips

Then I flipped the tube over to glue the top ends.

pumpkin glue strips

I tried to evenly space the strips as I went, first gluing 2 strips opposite each other on one end, then flipping the tube and gluing them on the other end.

pumpkin glue strips

I did this method for all 8 strips.

pumpkin glue strips

This can be your finished pumpkin. I decided I wanted my pumpkin to be a little fuller.

Glue Strips (Method #2)

pumpkin glue strips

I cut 8 more strips.

pumpkin glue strips

This time, instead of flipping the tube each set of strips, I glued all 8 strips, making sure to glue them in sets of 2 opposite each other. Then flipped it and glued all the other ends to the tube.

pumpkin glue strips

This method worked just as well as the first method. The key is making sure you evenly space the strips so they line up at the top end.

final pumpkin

You can top your pumpkin in many different ways.

pumpkin green bow

A green ribbon bow.

pumpkin messy bow

A messy scrap bow.

pumpkin curling ribbon

Another possibility is to roll a piece of brown construction paper to form a stem. Then use green curling ribbon to brighten it up.

The possibilities are endless. You could even use different colors. Maybe even glitter paper. Keep in mind that if you used heavier paper, you might consider using a glue gun because regular school glue will not hold cardstock to your toilet paper tube.

Are you making a Toilet Paper Tube Pumpkins for Thanksgiving? If so, please share a photo of it with me by emailing me at

Happy (lazy) crafting!

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toilet paper tube pumpkin pin

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